av P Jansson · Citerat av 6 — Single-word speech recognition can be used in voice interfaces for applications Another option is to use optimizers like Adam (Kingma, Ba 2014) or RMSProp.



Linking Words to Support a Point Synonyms for furthermore include moreover, further, what's more, also, additionally, and, in addition, as well, too and to boot. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Oronyms (or homophones) are words which sound the same. Generally the word homophone is used to describe one of a pair or group of words that have the same sound (like prince and prints ; allowed and aloud ), whilst oronyms are normally strings of words (phrases) such as iced ink and I stink .

Like other words

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Full list of synonyms for Like is here. as this. comparable. how this. include. kind.


2019-jul-24 - Colored sketch commission I drew for @olivsn i had a lot of fun drawing Lan Fan I hope you like it! (^o^)/ aaaaahh and in other words i feel 

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Noun. A group of entities that have common characteristics such that they may be grouped together. Plural for a person or thing of the same kind as another. Plural for a particular type or kind of person or …

Like other words

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as in namely. as in scilicet.
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7. I’m partial to : you like something a bit too much and it always remains your preference.

the same way. serving as.
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A person’s final words can be clever and profound. However, many popular figures’ last words are just utterly tragic. Famous people like Lucille Ball and James Brown said their dying words while they were gravely ill. But other celebrities

Only $2.99/month. Det finns. there is/are. Ert. your. Vet du. do you know? innan.