Dag Aarsland was, for several years, director of the Norwegian Neuropsychiatric Association. He has been the recipient of numerous prizes, most recently in 2011 when he was awarded the Western Norway Regional Health Authority's Research Prize.


Dag Aarsland, MD is renowned throughout the world in the field of Lewy ody Dementia and Parkinson’s disease but has made contributions across the spectrum of old age psychiatry. Dag Aarsland earned his degree in medicine in 1988 from the University of Oslo. At the same time as he was working as a clinician at Stavanger University

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Dag aarsland

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Anknuten till Forskning. E-post: dag.aarsland@ki.se. Organisation: H1 Neurobiologi, vårdvetenskap och samhälle · Neurogeriatrik. Besöksadress. Dag Årsland (Aarsland) - Professor i klinisk demensforskning vid institutionen för neurobiologi, vårdvetenskap och samhälle. Dag Aarsland Anknuten till Forskning E-post: Professor Dag Aarsland is the lead of our I joined the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience in  Se Dag Aarslands profil på LinkedIn, världens största yrkesnätverk.

133 Cedrenius, Gunilla.

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Verified email at kcl.ac.uk. Neurogeriatric medicine. Articles Cited by.

Dag Aarsland is a leading LBD and Parkinson's researcher from King's College in London and a director of research at the University of Stavanger's Centre for 

Dag aarsland

Articles Cited by. Title. Sort. Sort by citations Sort by year Dag Aarsland Background EEG slowing with pre-alpha dominant frequency in posterior derivations is a supportive biomarker for Dementia with Lewy Bodies diagnosis, with high predictive value for the 1. Lancet Neurol.

Barbara, Visser Pieter Jelle, Santana Isabel, Svenningsson Per, Blennow Kaj, Aarsland Dag, Molinuevo José Luis, Zetterberg Henrik, Mollenhauer Brit  Rowe, Victor L. Villemagne, David Ames, Colin L. Masters, Dag Aarsland, John Powell, Simon Lovestone, Ralph Martins, Abdul Hye. Länk till  The Frame: A Design Blog by Crate and BarrelYau Mun Lim, Claire Troakes, Tibor Hortobágyi, Kina Höglund, Dag Aarsland, Knut E. Aagaard,  Dag Aarsland er delprosjektleder i Jernbane direktoratets prosjekt Nullfib (Nullutslippsløsninger for ikke elektrifiserte baner). Gruppa har tett  00 Lewy-kropps sjukdom Dag Aarsland Markörer och metaboliska fynd Eric Westman 12.
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Dag har 1 stilling oppført på profilen. Se hele profilen på LinkedIn og finn Dags forbindelser og stillinger i tilsvarende bedrifter. Dag Aarsland Author page based on publicly available paper data.

Dag Aarsland Professor. Research focus on the cause and treatments for severe psychiatric illnesses, particularly mood disorders. He has published over  av P Martinez-Martin · 2012 · Citerat av 184 — Angelo (författare): Rojo-Abuin, Jose M. (författare): Borges, Vanderci (författare): Trenkwalder, Claudia (författare): Aarsland, Dag (författare): Brooks, David J. Tekijä: Dag Aarsland; Jeffrey Cummings; Daniel Weintraub; K. Ray Chaudhuri Kustantaja: Cambridge University Press (2013) Saatavuus: Noin 13-16 arkipäivää.
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Dag is remembered for having a role in life as a diplomat, economist, author and serving as Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Bengt Winblad  15.30–18.00 The Non-motor PD symptomatology. Chair: Björn Holmberg, Jan Linder, Sweden. Psychosis, Depression. Dag Aarsland, England. Redaktör Dag Aarsland. Undertitel Diagnosis and management. ISBN 9781107039223.