What knowledge, skills, and experiences do you have that are relevant to this programme?); - Please tell us about your specific research interests within the field of 


Join the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies (OSGA) as a graduate student range of area-based master's courses and the doctoral programme in area studies, Studying a particular region here means mixing with a group of le

The MA in China and Regional Studies can be pursued in a one-year full-time or two-year part-time mode, but, given that there are still uncertainties around the future course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme has even greater flexibility built into its structure. The curriculum consists of five parts (click or scroll down to read): IR Core module (30 ECTS) Methods module (18 ECTS) Specialization module in one of the areas (24 ECTS): - European Studies - Russian and Eurasian Studies - Baltic Sea Region Studies Elective module (18 ECTS) MA thesis (30 ECTS) Description of courses Click on the title to read the synopsis of a course IR Core Regional Studies (Czech Program) Typical background: Students pursuing this programme display keen interest in how local planning and local economy shape the relative fortunes of individual regions within a larger economy. Global and Regional Studies is an interdisciplinary program that encompasses African Studies, Asian Studies, Canadian Studies, European Studies, Global Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Middle East Studies, Russian and East European Studies, and Vermont Studies. Undergraduate Urban and Regional Studies Program The Department of City and Regional Planning offers a bachelor of science in urban and regional studies (B.S. URS) that encompasses an interdisciplinary, liberal arts course of study focused on the forces that shape the social, economic, and political character and physical form of urban/suburban areas and their surrounding regions.

Regional studies programme

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It is an action-oriented programme that implements region-specific activities, bringing together stakeholders including governments, scientific communities and civil societies. These Multilateral Environmental Agreements are RESEARCH INSTITUTE for REGIONAL STUDIES (REGI) REGI is a unit of the Faculty of Education, Languages, and Design.It is the only scientific institution in the Baltics dealing with the development of regional studies as a new scientific area, implementing regional policy of the European Union and promoting the development and sustainability of the region. The programmes are prepared by each Country and/or region, and financed under the European Regional Development Fund or the Cohesion Fund. Additional sectoral filters are available for: European Social Fund (ESF) programmes The program has its academic basis in the Faculty of Regional Development Studies, one of the leading educational bodies in Asia in the field of international cooperation and regional development. Currently 31 foreign students (out of 47 in total) from various regions of the world are attending the Graduate School of Regional Development Studies. The Global Campus of Human Rights is a unique network of one hundred universities around the world seeking to advance human rights and democracy education. Discover the Regional Programmes: EMA, ERMA, HRDA, APMA, CES, LATMA and ARMA.

gender, risk, environmental and tourism studies. CRS also brings together senior and junior scientists, including post-doctoral researchers. The research centre is affiliated with a Graduate school, thereby contributing to the sixth goal of the î ì ï ì vision for Karlstad University: Our doctoral programmes The Regional Studies Programme (RSP) is a prestigious scholarship programme for Years 1 – 4 students.

SGSPP- Bachelor's in Urban and Regional Planning. Language of studies: Swedish. Denna sida på svenska · Read more on our Swedish 

Fax (508) 430-7223 | | | Site Map. The Regional Studies Programme (RSP), an initiative of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his National Day Rally 2007 speech, aims to equip future leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding of Southeast Asia, in particular, Malaysia and Indonesia. Regional Studies Programme (RSP) (Bahasa Indonesia) In 2008, the Ministry of Education introduced a new programme called the Regional Studies Programme or RSP, to four schools, ACSI, RI, RGS and VS. VS is the only school which offers Bahasa Indonesia (BI) among the 4 schools. RSP students have the privilege of learning BI as a third language in About.

The research programme “Beyond GDP growth: Scenarios for sustainable to a largely under-researched area, where few scientific studies have explored what 

Regional studies programme

University of Minnesota Duluth Urban and Regional Studies Department Regional Security Architecture Programme. The Regional Security Architecture Programme (previously known as the Multilateralism & Regionalism Programme) conducts advanced, cutting-edge research, networking and teaching in and on cooperative multilateralism and regionalism in the Asia Pacific. Sustainable Urban and Regional Development at the University of Graz This degree programme is centred on issues of urban and regional development at local and global levels, and how these are linked to physical geography (integrated geography).

After graduation, you can work in foreign  URSI was established in November 1999. Its current Director is Prof Frank Vanclay. About. Faculty research mission and programme:  Institutions & Regional Studies Programs. A list of institutions and academic programs with regional interests in the South Caucasus. Cascade Caucasus by Carlo Gianelle & Fabrizio Guzzo & Krzysztof Mieszkowski; 1389-1401 Regional impacts of the EU Rural Development Programme: Poland's food processing  The Editors; Regional Studies 2020 Awards pp. incentives for collaborative industrial research: evaluation of a Smart Specialisation forerunner programme pp.
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The MBA in Business Diplomacy & Master in Foreign Regional Studies program is the result of an unprecedented public-private partnership between IMSG and  Master's Degree Program “Baltic-Black Sea Regional Studies” The aim of the Programme (duration – 1,5 years) is to equip students with the following  Category · Africa Programme · Book · Book Chapter · China · China Energy Programme · Country and Regional Studies · Electricity · Electricity Programme Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS) is engaged in the study of languages, cultures, religion and society in the world outside of Western   Our main study programme prepares students for future employment in regional as well as municipal authorities, the police, courts, fire rescue service and  We are a premier research institute devoted to the academic study of regional Studies Program, and other academic institutions, launched a year-long set of  What knowledge, skills, and experiences do you have that are relevant to this programme?); - Please tell us about your specific research interests within the field of  The Institute also operates several programs for visiting scholars, including the Fung Global Fellows Program, which brings six exceptional, early-career faculty  There are two Masters programmes offered in Department of Regional Studies: ( 1) Masters Degree Programme in Regional Studies (Central Asia and the  To enrich its analysis of China's engagement with its neighbours in the Asia- Pacific region, as well as with African countries, the programme incorporates  Regional Studies Association Annual Conference 2018 : A World of Flows - Labour Proposals will be considered by the Conference Programme Committee  Actor-Network Theory as a Reserach Approach in Geography and Planning Studies, 7.5 hp, FAG3003. Advances in Planning Theory, 3.0 hp, FAG3166. Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies (Urbaria) is the first in Political, Societal and Regional Change - Supervisor for doctoral programme. Person:  This is the official app for the Regional Studies Association (RSA) community. Our learned society is focussed on regions and regional issues.

Gå direkt till textinnehållet. SVT Nyheter · Nyheter · Lokalt · Sport · SVT Play · Barn · Tv-tablå · Alla program  av L Forsman · 2010 · Citerat av 7 — The study from which the article is drawn was conducted through action research in an EFL (English as a foreign language) classroom during  95-åriga Sonja Dahlkvist har smittats med coronaviruset på ett äldreboende i Kristianstad. På samma äldreboende har två personer dött och  Climate Change Research – Final Report The Climate Research Programme has contribution to increasing scientific understanding of the regional effects that  www.prosus.uio.no , 2004-04-08 , Program för forskning och utredning för ett and the Regional Environment Centres for research and development Sidder du  (2003), “The Economic Performance of Regions,” Regional Studies 37, nos. and Sustainable Growth Programme,” http://www.progress-project.org Savitch,  This will involve improving existing atmospheric regional climate models (RCMs) The aim of the Nordic Arctic Research Programme was to enhance Nordic  av D Rauhut · 2012 · Citerat av 10 — Daniel Rauhut, Division of Urban and Regional Studies, Royal Institute of Relevance for the Nordic Regions, Nordregio: Nordic Research Programme, Report  Helsinki University of Technology , Centre for Urban and Regional Studies Publication Programme of Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen's second government .
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Regional Development Partnerships in Sweden: A Way for Higher Education of Engagement by Universities in their Region's Development' Regional Studies 37 Utvecklingsprogram för Umeå universitet (Development Programme for 

Key research areas are the processes of nation The interdisciplinary MA program in Regional Studies: Latin America and the Caribbean (MARSLAC) provides a broad social science-based approach to modern and contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean. The program in Urban and Regional Studies (URST) provides opportunities for in-depth study of some of the major challenges facing individuals and groups living and working in major metropolitan regions such as Detroit. The Regional Economic Studies Programme focuses on a range of economic issues in Southeast Asia.